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Keep it simple and

keep it Up & Running


“Don helped me out when I thought my computer was at the point of no return.”

- Charles S.

Up & Running computer Services is a proud member in good standing of the Marana Chamber of Commerce

Local, family-owned business

"We noticed a need for affordable, in -home computer service, especially with regard to senior citizens, back in the early 2OOO's and built our business around that." -Don Winfield, Owner


Up & Running Computer Services has been an active member of the Marana Chamber of Commerce and a Corporate Circle Sponsor since 2006 and was a Finalist for the Community & Business-Builder Award in 2008.


Our customers have voted us as Arizona Daily Star's Reader's Choice Award Winners for Best Computer Repair two years in a row!  Give us a call and feel the difference!


Don is a past President of the Fountain Flyers Toastmasters chapter and willingly volunteers his time to speak at community groups, HOA’s, local computer clubs, and other organizations that could benefit from his computer expertise.


"We always welcome requests for references as we are proud of what we have built and truly appreciate our customers and friends."

-Pat Winfield, Owner


Our Chamber Story

Within a few weeks of moving into Marana, we joined The Marana Chamber of Commerce.  Back in those days about 20-30 people showed up squeezed in the small confines of a little restaurant on Ina.  The Chamber had been around for a long time; but Chamber membership grew exponentially and events became more popular.

In many ways we grew with our chamber, but there is no doubt that we would not have grown without it.  

We have met great people, many of whom were still in the early stages of their business development and we have all grown together serving Marana and those towns surrounding us.

The Mayor and several Town Council members routinely appear at Chamber events where attendance is routinely now in 3 digits.  

Many great opportunities came our way due to attendance at events or relationships that we have developed from within our chamber.  We just wanted to recognize it's contribution to Up & Running.


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